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Olga Alex – Singer, Model, Actress, TV Personality – Ольга Алекс

19 Mar 2017 20:36

Olga Alex  Singer, model, TV personality. Born in Ufa (Russian Federation), where she’s made her first steps in music biz. She has worked as a model and also as a show host on major TV stations in her native town. Her first vocal experience was in jazz band, where she’s...
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New Music video – Mackadenice – My Own

25 Jan 2017 14:46

Mackadenice‘s (MD) music is a prime and dominant influence in his life’s pursuit of the hip hop industry which has been a source of exhilaration for him over the years. As a native of the State of Virginia, born November 11, 1985 in Alexandria, Virginia, his musical influences were surrounded...
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This Issue on SOHM Special Tribute: Kashif Saleem Forever

27 Dec 2016 03:40

Dear Readers: Welcome to the November 2016 issue of Shine On Hollywood Magazine! With the joy and warmth of the Holidays, and Christmas parties filled with delicious treats, we bring to you with great anticipation a special tribute issue dedicated to the life and journey of one of the most...
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RUGGID REAL is an artist for the people.

8 Dec 2016 13:54

RUGGID REAL is an artist for the people. His music speaks to the everyday struggles of the working class man and the urban street youths with stories of trials, tribulations and inspiration. Ruggid Real was born James Long from McKeesport, Pa. He started doing music at the age of 16....
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17 Nov 2016 13:53

Dear Readers:… Welcome to the October/November 2016 issue of Shine On Hollywood Magazine! As we greet the cool breezes of Autumn and welcome the extra hour of sleep signaling the end of Daylight Saving Time, we bring to you with anticipation our first ever issue featuring the world of Top...
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Join the latest and greatest social media site Empowr

21 Oct 2016 23:44

Empowr’s mission is to Empower people by enabling opportunity, hope, and influence by paying users for doing what they love: posting photos, videos, and blogs. Let’s connect! Join the latest and greatest social media site and learn the secret to success.   Check out my new blogs:
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Top Chef / Culinary Industry Professionals. August – September 2016 issue of Shine On Hollywood Magazine

1 Oct 2016 15:46

Dear Readers: Welcome to the August – September 2016 issue of Shine On Hollywood Magazine (SOHM)!   As we say goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall, we boldly move forward and bring to you with anticipation, our first ever issue featuring Top Chef/Culinary Industry Professionals. There’s never...
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Pamela Ackerson – International bestselling author of historical, time travel romance, and children’s preschool picture books.

4 Sep 2016 18:42

Pamela Ackerson’s storytelling all began with her younger brother, creating wonderful children’s stories on vacation trips to keep him occupied. Later, she started writing poems and short stories as a teen. Born and raised in Newport, RI where history is a way of life, Pam now lives on the Space...
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Shine On Hollywood Magazine 4-Year Anniversary Featuring David Paul and Elisabetta Russo.

20 Aug 2016 17:48

SOHM 4-Year Anniversary – Special Edition, July/August 2016 Issue Dear Friends: This month we celebrate our 4-Year Anniversary! We reflecting on our biggest celebration of icons, stars, stories and testimonials, featuring David Paul and Elisabetta Russo. As we celebrate our magazine’s 4th anniversary, I’m overcome with emotion. During this...
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Caroline Lund – Move Your Body

6 Aug 2016 19:41

Caroline Lund A former beauty pageant winner, classical violinist and actress, Caroline Lund ultimately metamorphosed into the Dance Music Diva she is today. A San Francisco nightlife fixture over the years as a dancer at the legendary Club Townsend (Club Universe/Pleasurdome) and other renowned SF clubs, Caroline’s recent foray into...
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